photoSo the blogosphere and my girlfriends seem to tell me we have all been there, you know when a guy suddenly stops texting you and you’re just like WTF? 

Having only recently entered single life I was left dumbfounded. How can you be sooo keen and then just… well…. not?

Here I was enjoying my new single life, no boys, no worries, not a care in the world, and this guy shows a little interest.

After a few months of his charms I finally take his bait – there is a flurry of texting (we are interstate and met in transit).

Suddenly, his texts turn from flirty to just polite, I send a final message and he doesn’t respond so I leave it, a girl can take a hint…

But we did have a set date three weeks away, when I’m due to be in the city he lives. So I’m left perplexed. Why put in so much effort in and then just stop before the finish line? Did I give you the boost to your ego you were looking for? Or was it something I said? Or was he playing the field and found someone else?

Two weeks go by without a peep….

During these two weeks I’m left miffed. Maybe he has something going on in his life? Should I ask him if something’s wrong? Did I say something?

And the even bigger question – should I text him?

Finally, a week before we were supposed to go on a date, I text him. Sure lots of girls will tell you not to do this, but I wanted to know what the deal was.

His response, to my “Hi how are you? Story about what I’ve been up to etc” was polite and genuine, but bottom line – he had to cancel the dinner and date he had suggested…

In any case whether their rejection is subtle, passive or aggressive – once you know for sure where you stand it’s easier.

If I can leave some parting advice from this little experience – it’s that a girl’s instinct are rarely wrong. I pretty much knew as soon as the message turned from flirty to polite he had lost interest.

As much as you wonder, you can’t possibly know what is going on in his head, or life so stop.

So stop asking Google the question you probably already know the answer to. For whatever reason it was that it fizzled… in many cases before they even gave it a chance to begin.

Respect and love yourself enough to know that people who leave you miffed and perplexed are probably not worth your concern – there are so many joys in life – and confusing boys who suddenly stop texting are not on my list of them J